Biodynamic, Organic, Sustainable? What’s the Difference?


We have frequent questions on Biodynamic and Organic Wines. Here are three informative videos to get you started on understanding those practices.  Each video relays different information and worth a listen. Organic production is regulated by governmental agencies (US and Europe) and Biodynamics is a philosophy introduced by Rudolf Steiner that goes beyond organics.

Enjoy a glass!

The Global Glass

Organic, Biodynamic and Sustainable Wine, What’s the Difference?

Presented by Wente Family Vineyards (California, Certified Sustainable)

An Introduction to Biodynamic Viticulture

Presented by A to Z/Rex Hill Wineries, Oregon.

What are Biodynamic Wines?

Presented by Potluck Video
An interview with French winemaker Gerard Bertrand. He discusses a bit of history and interesting facts about biodynamics in the vineyard.
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